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Broker Relationship Management

As regulatory requirements grow, there is a mandate to justify and rationalize broker utilization. What is required for managers is a combination of commission tracking, event tracking and broker voting. The goal is to have a commission and broker suite of applications that utilizes a firm’s data not only to meet regulatory requirements but also to help managers in the entire range of relationships with brokers and with each individual broker they use. It makes the relationship between firms and their brokers equal and provides a means to engage brokers based on data backed metrics.

White Paper Topics:
Evaluating Broker Effectiveness for Performance [PDF]. Watch the video here.

MIK Differentiator

By deploying the full application, MIK clients obtain a sophisticated view into all of the interactions with their execution and research brokers, thereby creating a powerful analytic tool for managers to monitor, measure, and evaluate broker performance across a customized array of categories, defined and chosen by the fund.

MIK Broker Relationship Lifecycle

Broker Relationship Manager provides the following benefits: